vrijdag 8 februari 2013

Video interview with Marty Friedman and Yossi Sassi

It must have been around 1983….. I heard a demo tape of a band called Hawaii, which made me think: who the hell is that awesome guitar player? The guy turned out to be Marty Friedman and the following I kept following him right into Cacophony with Jason Becker, his solo career and his steps into the major league of metal in Megadeth. All these years my personal all-time favorite band at the time was however RAVEN. So almost 30 years later I meet up with Marty in Zoetermeer in Holland and the first thing Marty says is: “ wow, where the hell did you get that f*** Raven shirt, these guys are awesome!!!” Needless to say we started off great, which was easy anyway, since Marty is just a great guy, with a no nonsense attitude. Click here for the report on the Loudguitars website.

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