vrijdag 8 februari 2013

Video interview with Andy Timmons

After our first report for the November issue of Loudguitars.com with Marty Friedman and Yossi Sassi, cameraman Kris Claerhout and I were on our way to meet with another world class guitar player. This time we went to talk to Andy Timmons, again at the Boerderij venue in Zoetermeer (NL). Way back in the Danger Danger era I heard of Andy Timmons, but to be honest I really started to know and appreciate his music when I saw him play at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt years ago. He made an incredible impression on me then, and I’ve been a real fan ever since. When arriving at the venue, the band was doing sound check. Since it is the beginning of the tour, the sound check ran long, which was great since it gave us the opportunity to witness a sizable part of sound check. My day was already a major success! Click here for the video report on the Loudguitars website

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