donderdag 7 juli 2011

Arch Enemy - The interview series

Arch Enemy are a frequent guest of  'Let there be Rock'. On several occasions we interviewed all bandmembers on all kinds of subjects. Here's the list of interviews from newest to oldest.

April 2011: at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt I met up with frontwoman Angela Gossow to hear all the details of the new Arch Enemy album 'Khaos Legions' which (at that moment) is about to be released in 6 weeks. Listen to the interview here.

November 2010: Moments before they hit the stage at the Academy Club in Manchester (GB), I had a chat with drummer Daniel Erlandsson. Arch Enemy were doing their final shows of a 3-year touring period and were just about to enter the studio to record 'Khaos Legions'. Listen to the interview here.

October 2010: Just before Arch Enemy played at 'Waerdse Tempel' in Heerhugowaard (NL), I had a cool talk with bassplayer Sharlee d'Angelo (far right on bandphoto). We also discussed Spiritual Beggars; he is a cool guy and a real powerhouse on stage. Listen to the interview here

October 2010: Just before Arch Enemy played at 'Waerdse Tempel' in Heerhugowaard (NL), I met up with guitarhero Michael Amott. Main subject of the interview was Michael's other band Spiritual Beggars who had just released a new album called 'Return to Zero'. Listen to the interview here.

April 2010: Hours before the Arch Enemy show at Paaspop Festival in Schijndel (NL) I talked to Angela Gossow at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Eindhoven about all the Arch Enemy plans for 2010 working towards a new album. Listen to the interview here.

December 2009: Moments before Arch Enemy went on stage of the 'Lucky' in Rijssen (NL) I met up with guitarist Christopher Amott. Besides being a fantastic player Chris is a real nice personality. Arch Enemy was in the middle of touring to promote 'The Root of all Evil' and Chris was re-releasing some of his old Armageddon solot stuff. We also found out Chris' plans for a solo record. Listen to the interview here.

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