vrijdag 8 februari 2013

Video interview with Andy Timmons

After our first report for the November issue of Loudguitars.com with Marty Friedman and Yossi Sassi, cameraman Kris Claerhout and I were on our way to meet with another world class guitar player. This time we went to talk to Andy Timmons, again at the Boerderij venue in Zoetermeer (NL). Way back in the Danger Danger era I heard of Andy Timmons, but to be honest I really started to know and appreciate his music when I saw him play at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt years ago. He made an incredible impression on me then, and I’ve been a real fan ever since. When arriving at the venue, the band was doing sound check. Since it is the beginning of the tour, the sound check ran long, which was great since it gave us the opportunity to witness a sizable part of sound check. My day was already a major success! Click here for the video report on the Loudguitars website

Video interview with Marty Friedman and Yossi Sassi

It must have been around 1983….. I heard a demo tape of a band called Hawaii, which made me think: who the hell is that awesome guitar player? The guy turned out to be Marty Friedman and the following I kept following him right into Cacophony with Jason Becker, his solo career and his steps into the major league of metal in Megadeth. All these years my personal all-time favorite band at the time was however RAVEN. So almost 30 years later I meet up with Marty in Zoetermeer in Holland and the first thing Marty says is: “ wow, where the hell did you get that f*** Raven shirt, these guys are awesome!!!” Needless to say we started off great, which was easy anyway, since Marty is just a great guy, with a no nonsense attitude. Click here for the report on the Loudguitars website.

donderdag 29 september 2011

Interview with Gus G. (Firewind)

September 2011: After an incredibly succesful 18 month World Tour with Ozzy Osbourne, it was back to business for Gus G. with Firewind kicking off the European " Frets of Fury" Tour. On September 15 Firewind hit the stage of the W2 club in Den Bosch (NL). Before the show I met again with Gus who explained us about the line-up changes in the band, and all kinds of other stuff. While talking he kept on practising guitar. The show later that night was awesome, when you have a chance, go and see Firewind !
Listen to the interview here, and get your free download too.

donderdag 7 juli 2011

Arch Enemy - The interview series

Arch Enemy are a frequent guest of  'Let there be Rock'. On several occasions we interviewed all bandmembers on all kinds of subjects. Here's the list of interviews from newest to oldest.

April 2011: at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt I met up with frontwoman Angela Gossow to hear all the details of the new Arch Enemy album 'Khaos Legions' which (at that moment) is about to be released in 6 weeks. Listen to the interview here.

November 2010: Moments before they hit the stage at the Academy Club in Manchester (GB), I had a chat with drummer Daniel Erlandsson. Arch Enemy were doing their final shows of a 3-year touring period and were just about to enter the studio to record 'Khaos Legions'. Listen to the interview here.

October 2010: Just before Arch Enemy played at 'Waerdse Tempel' in Heerhugowaard (NL), I had a cool talk with bassplayer Sharlee d'Angelo (far right on bandphoto). We also discussed Spiritual Beggars; he is a cool guy and a real powerhouse on stage. Listen to the interview here

October 2010: Just before Arch Enemy played at 'Waerdse Tempel' in Heerhugowaard (NL), I met up with guitarhero Michael Amott. Main subject of the interview was Michael's other band Spiritual Beggars who had just released a new album called 'Return to Zero'. Listen to the interview here.

April 2010: Hours before the Arch Enemy show at Paaspop Festival in Schijndel (NL) I talked to Angela Gossow at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Eindhoven about all the Arch Enemy plans for 2010 working towards a new album. Listen to the interview here.

December 2009: Moments before Arch Enemy went on stage of the 'Lucky' in Rijssen (NL) I met up with guitarist Christopher Amott. Besides being a fantastic player Chris is a real nice personality. Arch Enemy was in the middle of touring to promote 'The Root of all Evil' and Chris was re-releasing some of his old Armageddon solot stuff. We also found out Chris' plans for a solo record. Listen to the interview here.

Interview with Gus G.

March 2010: Probably one of the most challenging interviews was the one with Gus G. The rumours told us that Gus had joined Ozzy Osbourne, but Gus was not allowed to say anything about it. So how do you get someone to talk about something he does not want to talk about, without bringing him into trouble? So there we sat that late Friday night at the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt. You can listen to the result here, and make sure to get your free download

Interview with Jeff Loomis

May 2010: Moments before Nevermore went down to play the "De Pul" club in Uden (NL) I had the opportunity to talk with their guitarist Jeff Loomis. Of course we discussed the new album 'The Obsidian Conspiracy', and we also talked about the sudden death of Ronnie James Dio in that week, and our shared passion for Jason Becker. Great guy and phenomenal guitarist! Listen to the interview here, and get your free download too.

Interview with John Norum

January 2010: I had the opportunity to talk to one of my all time heroes! Hours before they played the Paradiso I had a long talk with Europe guitarist John Norum. Very convenient in John's personal dressingroom in one of Paradiso's dungeons. What a cool guy who drove his tour manager crazy by ignoring all interview timescales! Also some very personal things we discussed. Listen to the interview here, and get your free download there as well!